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Magnificent Mile TMJ Treatment

TMJ/TMD Dentistry

Relieving Jaw Pain in Streeterville

Struggling with TMJ in Chicago is no joke for patients of all ages. There’s the chronic pain, the popping of pain pills to dull the ache, and the thought that there’s no hope for relief.

As your general dentist in Chicago, we understand what it feels like to struggle regularly with annoying and unhealthy jaw pain in Streeterville. We’re here to help and tell you that there’s a solution out there for you to break you free from your cycle of constant jaw discomfort.

What is

Centric Relation?

At North Michigan Avenue Dental Group, we believe an effective method for treating TMJ in Chicago (temporomandibular joint) or TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is to use centric relation. This is where we find a way to create a completely harmonious alignment between your lower and upper teeth. This kind of symmetry is an essential part of having a healthy, strong smile. Without proper centric relation, your tooth enamel can wear down over time, dental restorations can fail or fracture, and health conditions such as TMD can quickly develop.

By taking this approach to ending your TMJ pain and TMD, we carefully work on perfecting your teeth and jaws’ symmetry and relationship. When this relationship is functioning optimally, it means your teeth, joints, tissues, and muscles are all working together positively. When everything comes together like this, you should enjoy pain-free biting, eating, and speaking.

What is Functional Occlusion?

Whether we’re restoring a single crown, a single implant, a full arch, or multiple teeth, we’ve got an understanding of the way oral structures present themselves in patients. Everyone, every smile is truly unique in their ideal treatment needs. As we work on each case, we consider the opposing teeth positioning and wear facets of the adjacent teeth.

A tooth out of occlusion or causing a bite to not be right can lead to more dental problems, interferences, and ultimately unwanted restoration failure. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your bite is evenly distributed and that any restorations you have to provide optimal and long-lasting functionality.

What is TMJ Treatment like?

Fixing TMJ in Chicago can be challenging, depending on the severity of a patient’s case. At your initial visit, our dentists will record your:

  • Occlusal classifications
  • Missing teeth
  • Drifting
  • Open contacts
  • Traumatic occlusion

Our goal of ending jaw pain in Streeterville is to formulate your ideal bite. During your TMJ treatment, we pay close attention to your occlusion and have a plan in place before we even start the preparation. Later, during your recall examinations, we closely monitor any changes and make sure your bite remains stable and healthy enough to support long-lasting restorations. If necessary, we also partner with a certified oral physical therapist who can also help you throughout treatment.