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Are you over searching for Chicago dental services that are actually worth the time, effort, and money you need to spend on smile care? Did you ever sit at your dentist’s office and think to yourself, “there’s got to be more gentle dentistry in Streeterville than this.”

As it turns out, all you need to do is talk to us — the team at North Michigan Avenue Dental Group. We make it easy to get the dental care you need (and deserve) because we offer a wide variety of Chicago dental services.

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We take pride in having the ability to offer such a vast, comprehensive collection of treatments that can heal smiles that hurt and transform teeth into your ideal smile. All of the work we do for you and your smile is backed by knowledge, skill, and compassion. We never recommend a service that you don’t need.

We believe in always doing things the right way without taking shortcuts or cutting corners to get there. Thorough, precise, yet gentle dentistry in Streeterville is what NMA Dental Group is all about. It’s a deep dedication to our patients and their families that has spanned decades.

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More Than Just

Oral Health

Our team shares a common focus, and that’s caring about your oral health and overall wellness. When we recommend any number of our Chicago dental services, know that there’s a good chance it’s going to make both you and your smile feel a whole lot better. We take the time to do things right, keeping your natural teeth functioning optimally so you can save more money in your pocket and spend less time in the dental chair.

Some of our most important and
requested treatments include: