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If you learn anything about NMA Dental Care today, we hope that you see how important restorative dentistry in Chicago is to us. There’s something that can be life-changing from bringing health back to your smile, and it’s part of what makes working in dental care so special and rewarding.

Dental Crowns – We create a custom dental crown for you that will cover your entire tooth above the gum line. Essentially, crowns become an entirely new surface for your damaged tooth. We use these reliable restorations to help patients with aging metal or amalgam fillings with extensive damage behind them, or teeth that are badly damaged with chips and cracks. Crowns are also widely used to anchor dental bridges into place or as the finishing touch to a durable dental implant.

Dental Bridges – While our first choice for replacing missing teeth is a dental implant, as a second option, we also offer dental bridges. A bridge is made up of two crowns that attach a false tooth to the spot where you’ve lost a tooth.

Our office uses mostly metal-free restorations that have the strength and the esthetic of your natural teeth. However, if you heavily grind your teeth, we might recommend you consider a gold restoration because porcelain can crack or de-bond. Gold is strong, not brittle, and is an excellent long-term restorative solution for posterior teeth.