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Smile Whitening

Smile Whitening

Did you know that smile whitening is one of the most requested treatments at so many cosmetic dental offices in Chicago? There’s a good reason for it! In one office visit or in the comfort of your own home, you can boost your smile, giving it a brighter, whiter appearance that looks brilliant and beautiful. There are so many reasons to consider smile whitening for you or someone in your family. It can help fix teeth that are:

  • Stained by years of tobacco use or drinking coffee and other beverages
  • Ailing due to an old filling that’s become worn and aged
  • Discolored due to genetics that causes teeth to turn yellow
  • Affected by previous infections or dental trauma
  • Changing colors due to certain medications taken as either a child or an adult

At NMA Dental Group, we have two effective smile whitening options for our patients to choose from.

1) Zoom! In-Office Whitening –
Powered by Philips technology, Zoom! Whitening is the latest in in-office treatments that utilizes a special light-activated hydrogen peroxide solution to whiten your smile. Generally, patients can expect their teeth to be up to six to ten shades lighter upon completion of their treatment. Depending on your diet and how well your care for your smile at home, your whitening results can last for years.

2) Take-Home Whitening –
NMA Dental Group offers our patients Opalescence, Zoom!, and Nite White take-home whitening kits. You’ll get a set of trays that comfortably fit your teeth that you’ll fill with whitening gel. You’ll need to leave the tray on your teeth for the recommended length of time. The results from take-home whitening aren’t as immediate as in-office whitening, with results showing up in a couple of weeks.